How to find out if you have an EPC.

Inspect your Energy (direct Manchester provider of EPCs.) is often asked about an EPC that may have already been done. Some sellers, new owners, and landlords have never received the full EPC or they may have lost the RRN (report reference number). Never pay for a lost EPC, the EPC is valid for 10 years.

Some EPC providers who advertise on the web state that they will charge you to find your EPC, it will only take you a few minutes to see if you already have a valid EPC. Going for the cheapest EPC business in your area may cost your more if this is the advice they give you.?

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We will also help you to find your lost EPC. Use the links below, your agent should give you this information.

You can find your EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) report direct. For Houses and Commercial properties. The EPC is valid for 10 Years.

Link to find an EPC by postcode (England and Wales) - click here.

In Scotland you will need the RRN number to see a copy of your EPC. -click here.

For Non Domestic. EPCs. - Click here.

Latest from the EPC register. Click here for a copy of DCLG’s official guidance on these changes.

"All Energy Performance Certificates must be lodged on the national Energy Performance Certificate register. There are over 8 million Energy Performance Certificates on the register and that number is growing by over a million per year. However, access to this data is currently very tightly controlled.

The register represents an extremely valuable source of information about the energy efficiency of buildings, and the benefits of making use of the data have made it desirable to widen access. From 22 April 2012 this data is publicly available.

This means individuals can look up an Energy Performance Certificate online via the register website allowing them to compare the energy performance of their property with that of similar buildings. This service is available free of charge.

Additionally, Authorised Organisations can have access to the Energy Performance Certificate EPC data in bulk. The information available includes the address of the building, its energy efficiency rating, technical information about the building construction and the recommended improvements. There is a charge for this service to cover the costs associated with providing the data. Providing this wider access has a number of benefits, including:
Enabling Green Deal providers to market offers to Energy Performance Certificate holders when the Green Deal is introduced later in 2012-2013.
Identifying areas where a higher than average number of buildings have poor levels of energy efficiency;
Facilitating research and analysis which can inform Government policy;

Energy Performance Certificate data will only be made available to selected Organisations. They will have to comply with a number of conditions designed to protect the consumer.
Anyone with an Energy Performance Certificate can opt-out of having their data made publicly available by using the opt out service- and requesting the Energy Performance Certificate for their property is opted-out of any data searches. It is possible to opt back in at any stage." Click here to fill out form.

The above info is from the DCLG.

A property bought/sold/rented since late 2007 may (or should) have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This could have been part of the HIP or as of now be an independent EPC report. These EPCs are valid at present for 10 years.

If you find that the recovered EPC does not accurately describe the property, find out why, it may be best to instruct another DEA to carry out a new accurate report. If you think the original EPC is wrong then get in touch with the assessors accredited body and make a complaint.

You can download a copy from the EPC Register, if you have the RRN number, the Government-approved register stores all lodged EPCs.
Go to

This may also help 'Find Assessor/Inspector' menu option at to look up the assessor and see if there are more contact details available. You can also check that the DEA is still registered. You should also do this if you need to instruct a DEA to carry out a new EPC inspection to see if they are fully accredited.

EPCs at present are valid for 10 years; a new one could be a better option even though one already has been done. Many changes could have occurred when the original assessment had been done.

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Find out more about the EPC.

Will the Green Deal help?

The also gives you access to the 'EPC Adviser. Input your RRN to try out different combinations of energy efficiency improvements using the latest energy prices. See our page on this to help.
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EPC Register Scotland.

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